Web Site History

2017-11-25: Version 1.22 supports Unicode 10 and improves char editing
2017-11-22: Version 1.21 automatically selects substitution fonts
2017-08-07: New grammar for accelerator data of Blackvue dash cams (thanks, Tide!)

2016-08-24: Version 1.17 allows dynamic size of offset elements

2016-08-22: New grammar for FOND resources (thanks, Gabriel!)
2016-08-20: New grammar for Apple bookmark data
2016-08-08: New version with lots of improvements
2016-07-04: New grammar for InnoDB .ibd files (thanks, 
2016-07-04: New grammar for ar archive files (thanks, 
2016-03-18: Added grammar for SGI images (thanks, 
2016-02-23: Added grammar for Android boot images (thanks, Jens!)
2016-02-12: Added grammar for GNU Tar files (thanks, 
2016-01-25: Added grammar for Tibia .map files (thanks, Mathias!)

2015-12-17: Published version 1.14 with binary comparison (diff) feature
2015-12-06: QuickTime grammar extended
2015-11-11: AAC grammar made by Anton published
2015-10-20: Version 1.13 released with support for 010 Editor binary templates
2015-10-11: Version 1.12 released El Capitan support and some improvements
2015-05-30: Version 1.10 released with several improvements
2015-02-27: Added grammar for Postgres COPY files (thanks, Daniel)
2015-02-06: Added grammar for FileMaker 5.1 files (thanks, 

2014-11-18: Added grammar for EOB save files (thanks, fedo)
2014-10-28: Updated grammar for libpcap (thanks, Jordan)
2014-10-06: Added grammar for E
SP8266 firmware (thanks, Fabian)
2014-08-11: Added grammar for Luac 5.1/32bit files (thanks, Yin)
2014-07-31: Released version 1.9 with faster Python scripting
2014-07-21: Added 
grammar for SimCity 2000 save games (thanks, Kelvin)
2014-06-12: Updated 
grammar for Pokémon ROM files (thanks, Kelvin)
2014-06-11: Released 
version 1.8 of Synalyze It!
2014-05-13: Grammar for STL files published (thanks, Jon)
Grammar for FLI/FLC files published (thanks, Fredrik)
Grammar for JPEG files published
Grammar for CV certificates published (Nick)
2014-01-02: Version 1.7 released

2013-11-17: New grammar for BSON (binary JSON) files (Kelvin)
2013-11-10: Sample scripted grammar for offsets to arrays added (Kelvin)
2013-10-30: Grammar for Named Binary Tag files from Minecraft (Michael Maier)
2013-10-22: Grammar for UTF-8 encoded text files (thanks, Scott Marcy)
2013-09-28: Grammar for HyperCard Stack .stak files (thanks, Uli Kusterer)
2013-07-09: Grammars for Python 2 and Python 3 .pyc files (thanks, André)
2013-07-09: New sample script for Python time stamps in pyx files (thanks, André)
2013-05-17: Version 1.5 available
2013-05-07: Updated Mach-O grammar for LC_DATA_IN_CODE (thanks, Cyril!)
2013-04-27: Added grammar to decode SCF DNA sequencing data
2013-04-03: Version 1.4 released
2013-03-03: Decode TIFF files with the new 
TIFF grammar
2013-02-13: Fallout GCD file format grammar provided by Alexander - thanks!
2013-01-27: Added grammars for 
shapefiles (vectorial maps)
Grammar for Mobi and Kindle ebook formats
2013-01-03: New grammar for Infinity Engine BAM file format (thanks, Brad)
2013-01-02: Published manual: 
Synalyze It! User’s Guide

2012-11-01: Wireshark PCAP packet grammar - thanks to Martin Janiczek
2012-10-26: STDF grammar provided by Joe Barnhart (Roos Inc.)
2012-07-04: Synalyze It! Pro 1.3 available in the Mac App Store
2012-04-20: Published grammar for 
Zelda Solarus DX saved games (Pascal)
2012-03-21: Added ACV grammar (thanks to 
Jonathan Wight)
2012-03-19: Added PVR grammar (thanks to 
Andreas Löw)
2012-02-22: Synalyze It! 1.2 released with many improvements
2012-02-22: Published grammar for Zj-Stream print files

2011-12-10: GraphViz export in Pro version 1.1.6 included
2011-11-19: Version 1.1.5 is now available
2011-11-07: Uploaded a grammar for 
CPF (Canon Preset Files) Thanks Chris!
2011-11-07: Uploaded grammars for 
Pokémon files - thanks, Kelvin!
2011-11-04: Published a grammar for 
ZIP files (needs version 1.1 - scripting)
2011-11-02: Synalyze It! Pro is available in the Mac App Store
FLV files (Flash Video) can be decoded now
2011-05-13: A 
grammar for PCX image files is added
2011-04-14: A 
basic grammar for Audible files can be downloaded now
2011-04-08: A 
grammar for ICC (color) profiles is available now
2011-04-05: This is cool: Pascal Werz provided a grammar for Mach-O files.
2011-04-03: A 
grammar for saved games of Borderlands was added :)