What others say...

These are parts of emails I got from users. They are not changed at all except for typos.

Thank you for getting the update done.

I’ve been using SIPro for reverse engineering binary file formats over past few years.

These are just for hobby use, but I would have struggled without Synalyze It.

Having it working again on Monterey made my day.

P. J. (2022-10-09)

Synalyze It! is the most powerful software I have used. It opens files very fast, and the parse tree helps me debug the data quickly without repeatedly converting the data. Those helps me a lot. I like to use it very much.

J. (2021-08-03)

Some time ago I was asked to undertake a re-engineering project of a primitive CRM-like app built with Pascal for MS-DOS. I accidentally found Synalyze It and begun using it.

In less than 3 days I was looking for the Pro version. It let me model the data structures of the app so as to code parsers and migrate into the database. It is an excellent piece of software, support has also been very good and quick. Thank you very much!

A. V. (2020-07-20)

I'm sure you hear this all the time but this is a really impressive and useful piece of software!

P. W. (2020-02-07)

Hi, I've made so much progress with your tool and want to thank you again for such a wonderful program - it's worth every penny!

J. W. (2020-02-03)

This is exactly the type of hex editor I was looking for. I have no idea why google doesn't show it up higher when you just type hex editor, had to explicitly search for reverse engineering hex editor

N. B. (2019-09-29)

Thanks for making a great tool. It really helped in tracking down bugs for an export file format I was working on. The grammar builder makes it so much easier to visualize differences in files that should be identical.

BBB. (2019-04-08)

Thank you for creating Synalyze It!

It's so amazing!

T. L. (2019-03-21)

I've been using Synalize It! Pro for a while now, and I enjoy it — it helps a lot.

R. D. (2018-12-20)

Great program. I don’t use it all that often, but it has saved days taking apart a file format so I can handle it programmatically.

J. H. (2017-03-31)

Hi, I've been using Synalyze It! Pro since it first appeared on the Mac App Store. It’s been very very helpful for me over the years so I just wanted to say thanks!

M. M. (2017-03-06)

Thanks for the great App […] allowed me to fix a conference recording for a client - an iphone recorder app where the battery ran out at the end of the day. So... well worth the price of admission!

K. B. (2016-12-20)

I have really enjoyed using your hex editor - especially in the context of figuring out the type of file when given a broken / corrupted file in a capture the flag event - and having to reconstruct through looking at the hex.


Thank you for making one of the best hex editors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with

K. H. (2016-12-08)

Thanks again for all you hard work and a great set of products!

P. C. (2016-11-27)

First, I'd like to say that I absolutely love your app. It works really well and has been very helpful.

N. H. (2016-09-21)

Glad I could find this useful little tool. I’m doing a lot of custom files for embedded applications and this has made checking them much easier.

R. G. P. (2016-08-05)

Just got the program and am very impressed.

D. B. (2016-05-29)

Really great app.


Thanks for building the app

D. J. (2016-05-28)

Thanks for […] developing the app overall, it’s awesome.

A. N. (2016-05-26)

First, thanks for the absolutely wonderful program. It is probably the best hex editor I’ve seen so far for OS X...

A. (2016-03-30)

SynalyzeIt is a great product, thanks for creating it.

R. P. (2015-12-07)

Thanks for the great tool, I hope to be sending more grammars when working with other formats, very useful

A. O. (2015-11-12)

I'm really enjoying Synalyze It! It’s fantastic.

A. L. (2015-08-29)

Great product, I am very happy with such amazing hex editor

C. P. (2015-07-17)

Hi, many thanks for such a great tool!

anonymous (2015-07-16)

I really like your tool for reversing file formats!

D. S. (2015-02-06)

It looks great. I will order it.

B. W. (2015-01-04)

… it would be a good addition to this great application (and as far as I can tell, the best of its kind on OS X)

P. (2014-12-31)

This is an awesome tools thanks again.

T. D. (2014-12-18)

Synalyze It! it very beautiful, and looks great

C. R. (2014-12-12)

Thanks, your app is a life saver :)

N. B. (2014-12-12)

Fantastic tool!

B. T. (2014-12-08)

Thanks for creating wonderful tool, I was using this since more than 3 months now, thanks for your wonderful contribution.

V. (2014-11-20)

What a great programme you have written…

N. S. (2014-11-18)

Thanks, and happy to help, love the product

W. W. (2014-09-17)

Tolles Programm!

M. H. (2014-09-15)

Wow -- this app is awesome! Really nice work.


Again, this is a really great product. I've used 0xED for years (with some custom plugins) and this blows it out of the water.

J. N. (2014-09-08)

Thanks for your super useful application!

A. H. D. (2014-08-24)

Thanks for develop so cool tool.

I’m user from China, I do some reverse engineer works for binary files. Synalyze It! Pro did help me much.

I had successfully engineered some private format binary files.

P. (2014-08-16)

Synalyze It is an amazing tool for analyzing binary files

Y. H. (2014-08-11)

I’m very excited to hear a new version is in the works—it’s a great app! Thanks again!

J. T. (2014-07-31)

Thanks for the good work - Synalyze It! is fantastic.

J. W. (2014-05-13)

I just bought the pro version of Synalyze, and I am very glad I did. Thank you for taking the time to bring this excellent tool to life.

… and already I’m wishing I discovered Synalyze a lot sooner, as an awful lot of binary format hacking is involved thanks to the manufacturers not releasing documentation.

Keep up the good work!

M. W. (2014-05-01)

Great support!

C. K. (2014-03-25)

I love your tool synalize it

Z. C. (2014-02-28)

Thanks very much.

Synalze It! is a pretty awesome tool :)

J. S. (2014-02-19)

I've purchased SynalyzeIt! Pro yesterday, great tool!

P. W. (2014-02-06)

Just discovered Synalyze… great tool!

G. K. (2014-01-25)

first congratulations ! fantastic Program :)

D. D. (2014-01-25)

Thanks Andreas,

You just earned yourself a loyal customer! I do really appreciate it and your software is very useful.

S. H. (2014-01-15)

This is super cool

A. B. (2014-01-10)

Got it… thanks. looks very nice.

L. F. (2014-01-09)

Bought via the App Store. Great utility btw. :)

I. M. (2014-01-03)

Thx for a great app. It really saved me last night when I desperately needed to reverse engineer the output from my digital multimeter. I had hundreds of samples that I needed to get access to. The DMM was using some old windows software that was not working properly on Windows 7 and I needed to hack out the data from a fairly dense binary format.

N. B. (2013-12-31)

I just love Synalyze. Thank you.


I purchased Synalyze Pro a while ago and I'm quite impressed. Thank you.

L. V. (2013-07-19)

You made an awesome job with SynalyzeIt! Congrats man!

B. J. M. M. (2013-07-14)

Thanks for the most awesome program..

E. R. (2013-07-13)

Amazing tool!

S. T. (2013-07-05)

Synalyze It! Pro is a marvel and you are a true gentleman for providing the help I needed so quickly and efficiently

Many thanks

P. R. B. (2013-04-10)

thanks so much man, your editor is killer. (Already saved me a bunch of time with GPG key stuff and JPEG/JFIF)

G. N. (2013-06-13)

Awesome product though. :)

T. L. (2013-05-21)

As far as I'm aware the Synalyze It! family of hex-editors are best-of-breed on the Mac, and in any case you are to be congratulated for producing them.

C. S. (2013-05-18)

And thanks for this great piece of software! Keep rolling! :)

B. F. (2013-05-17)

Thank you for the great product.

A. F. (2013-04-15)

I love the concept of the program and think the execution is generally excellent.

E. M. (2013-04-08)

Synalyze It is quite amazing. It is a truly unique tool.

M. P. (2013-03-19)

Awesome program, this is everything I have wished for in a hex editor!


Thanks again for a great piece of software!

T. V. (2013-03-29)

Pretty awesome hex editor you've got going though :)

H. G. (2013-03-25)

I must note that grammars for binary files is the nicest (and the most unique) feature of hex editor I've ever seen.

A. M. (2013-02-10)

great work with synalyze. Congratulations!

F. R. (2013-02-03)

First let me get the following out of the way. I just recently purchased Synalize it! and am immediately impressed with it. Much like yourself, I've been working with data streams heavily for Java and was looking for a tool that would offer me the ability to analyze the binary information without always having to write a new program.

B. S. (2013-01-21)

wow! This is the best hex editor ever!

B. A. (2013-01-03)

Synalyze It is a great tool!


Perfect! Thank you that will save a bunch of time. You are awesome! :)

D. J. (2013-01-03)

I would like to say that the app seems both user friendly and has great features. I will download the Pro version and recommend it to my colleagues

A. S. (2012-12-21)

I've just bought Synalyze it! Pro. First of all I would like to congrat for a great app.

H. R. (2012-11-25)

I just discovered Synalyze It! and I really like it. You've done an excellent job with your interactive grammar editor.

R. M. (2012-11-15)

Yours is the best editor for programmers I have ever used.

Honestly , I would be willing to pay more than double the 25$ that I paid for the pro version.

V. M. (2012-10-15)

Thanks for a great tool.

D. W. (2012-09-05)

Thanks for a great product, enjoying it greatly!

J. M. (2012-08-07)

Just wanted to say thanks. I just saw your tool and bought it in a heartbeat. This will simplify my work so much! I've considered building a tool exactly like this, and now you've saved me some serious effort!

J. S. (2012-06-19)

Thank you for this great program. I cannot believe that there is a free version of such a wonderful hex editor with almost no important limitations.

V. (2012-04-03)

I really like your app, and I think it's the best hex editor for Macintosh.


Thanks for the application, btw. It's terrific. Helped me solve a bunch of trouble with QLPreviewItem development for iOS.

S. K.

Just bought your App and am very glad I did, it is awesome!


Thanks for making such a great product.

J. K.

I like where you are going with this!


Great work!!!!

R. R. K.

Thanks for this really great product!! I've been looking for hex editors and this one really blows all others away!

A. G.

I just bought Synalize It! from the Mac App Store and have to admit that I'm smitten! It is so much more than what I'd imagined and had originally set out to get. Thanks for the wonderful tool.

R. G.

I've been using Synalyze to reverse engineer some data files -- thanks for such a useful tool!

B. T.

Thank you so much!


Keep up the good work !

H. D.

Andreas, This is excellent. I got what I needed out of that data format before - the bits that weren't being exported to plaintext. Thanks very much for this.

S. S.

Your App has been very useful. All the best with its future development.

D. U.

Thanks for putting together such a neat application!

B. A.

Synalyze It! has saved my days looking into dump of packets during past several months.

Thanks for creating this wonderful piece of application.

K. Y.

I have to say that this is a fantastic application.

N. O.

First let me say how awesome Synalyze It is!

K. R.

Great tool. I'm kinda disappointed at the price. I'd like to buy you a beer at least :)

V. C.

Great app by the way!

R. B.

I really, really, love that i found this tool.
Thanks for releasing this greatest tool for mac, i'm learning rev.
engineering, and to help remember binary-data-structure, i used(before this tool) colored-by-hands screenshots of winhex window :D

A. B.

I'm really impressed with Synalyze It and had a couple of questions and suggestions. [...]

A. C.

Great! Thanks for the stellar support.

M. P.

I was very impressed with your work. The idea of grammar is, with one word, perfect!

G. U.

feines teil :)

A. A.

I like this very much. I'm also writing my own one, but I made it too 
complex and unusable. Do you have any plan to port your Synalyze It! to
Linux? And, how about to create a central repository to publish the grammar 
files, and integrate the repository with your software? Thank you.

X. J.

first of all, I'd like to thank you and congratulate you for such a nice and
 promising hex editor. Ever since I used the 010 Editor on windows I've been 
searching for a similar program for the mac, with the possiblility of 
inspecting structure inside binary data, and at last it seems I've found it
 in Synalyze It!

E. A. H.

I ran across your program today and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I love the grammar builder!!

E. R.

Thanks for the pointer.
It looks like a very clever piece of software, and I think I will have good use of it (using QT grammar, or developing specific ones)

B. J.

Hi! First of all, congratulations on a great piece of software!

D. B.

I was happy to come across this, as I had been thinking of something vaguely
 similar, which I have not built.

D. G.

Your program is pretty cool how you can write grammars in a hex editor so 
that it color codes everything.

S. M.

I just discovered your wonderful tool Synalyze It! tonight, and I already know it's going to become an indispensable addition to my toolkit. Thanks so much for filling this niche: I've been wanting a tool very much like this for ages!

R. T. B.

first of all congratulations about Synalyze, very useful tool.

G. E.

just a little message to let you know that Synalyze It! simply rocks! This is really a brilliant idea! You should really consider to sell it, even if it's not expensive!

V. B.

Thanks for making this great binary parser/viewer available on the Mac. I really like how you let the user define the grammar for binary files.

R. B.