Synalyze It! - Free Version Discontinued

Some may not appreciate it however I eventually decided not to continue the free version of Synalyze It!

This means that 1.4 was the last version offered for $0.

Let me explain why I chose to do this step. About 4 years ago when I started developing Synalyze It! I had no plan if, how or when to sell it in the future. I spent 100's of hours to make it the application I wished someone else would have written.

Several users called me crazy that I gave this piece of software away for free. In January 2011 the Mac App Store was launched and I took the chance to sell the more powerful Pro version while the other one remained free.

Later I gave the non-Pro version a price tag of $4.99 which is still a reasonable price however it never felt completely right because there was not much difference to the free version on this web site.

Stripping down the free version to a regular hex editor without the grammar features also wouldn't make much sense after offering all features and updates for a long time for free.

So… I hope you understand this step. Of course I'll continue to support all users as I did in the past, no matter if they did pay for the software.

You're welcome to send me feedback, be it negative or positive