Invisible progress...

Quite some time has passed since the last beta version was published. Fortunately this doesn't mean nothing happens in Synalyze It! :)

My plan is to release a version 1.0 by the end of this year that is stable and has some additional features not seen in previous versions.

If you have a look at you may notice that the page looks the same as the old grammar page but since it's XML plus a XSL style sheet it can be easily parsed by Synalyze It!.

This means you can get suggestions for available grammars when you open some file and install the grammar on your computer with just one click. Could it be easier than this?

Of course this will work also for grammars installed locally.

In order to collect more grammars there'll be also a publish button that allows you to send a grammar file via email (hopefully to me :).

There are some other features users asked for I'll try to implement for the first non-beta version.

Happy Christmas (or whatever you like)