Automatic Backups, Fixed Hex Editor Width…

Synalyze It! got even more the hex editor users love when working on binary files.

Version 1.8 is now released and several features were added that make hex editing more enjoyable both for power users as well as for casual tasks.

Now you can select if you want to create backups of the files you start changing automatically so you don’t have to be that careful anymore.

Many people will like that the number of columns in the hex editor can be fixed now. This is especially useful when editing files that have fixed record widths.

New scripting methods will help process the parsing results automatically with Python or Lua scripts. Additionally the processing speed of scripted data types has been improved dramatically.

Now that OS X Yosemite will be released in a foreseeable future a new update will probably follow soon that ensures you can always rely on your favorite OS X hex editor :-)